Danny Carney Chainsaw Symphony - Ten Beer Queer - LP (Vinyl)

  • Danny Carney Chainsaw Symphony - Ten Beer Queer - LP (Vinyl)

Danny Carney hails from Lowell, MA and presently resides in LA. He made his bones as the frontman for Epitaph Records' Roll the Tanks who released one acclaimed album on the label.

These days Danny is cranking out song after song in, what seems to be, an endless supply of hooks and pop sensibilities. His recent output as Danny Carney Chainsaw Symphony is reminiscent of the early 00's when Paul Westerberg opened the vaults and unleashed a host of post-Replacements material.

Get on-board with Danny Carney and his Chainsaw Symphony today.

Side A
Kill Me When You Callback
New Glass Rose
Hung Heathens
Airport Novels

Side B
Guitars Is Illegal
Lost In The Novocaine
Shark's Shadow
Get Away From The Bubbler

Recorded & Mixed by Alex Estrada at Pale Moon Ranch
Additional Recording by Danny Carney at The Harvey
Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden
Drums & Percussion by Pete Sosa
Guitars/Bass/Vocals by Danny Carney
Artwork by Chris Butler
Studio Assistant: Princess Pearblossom
All song written by Danny Carney